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High School-Jahr in Kanada

Selkirk 2010 - 2011

First of all, you shouldn`t be worried to go to Canada as an international student. I guess it is normal to be a little bit concerned at the beginning. When I sat at the airport on my way to Canada for example I thought:” What am I doing, leaving my family and friends to go so far away from home for half a year?”
But then I arrived there. First it was weird to live with people I didn`t really know in a different country. But after a couple months (maybe one or two) it was totally normal. My family was super nice and I felt like a part of it. I also actually liked the school. The students and teachers were friendly and I found many friends. I would recommend to join sports teams, there you meet new people and also make friends. I played for example for an indoor soccer team called “Tri S”. I joined it, because I wanted to play soccer during the cold winter time, because you can`t play that many sports except for hockey and a couple others outside. My host dad and one of my brothers were coaches of the team, my other brother was a team mate. I had lots of fun and we also became first in our league. That was a great experience! I had many other great experiences though. For example family trips, family weekends and hanging out and partying with friends.
All in all I can recommend to become an exchange student to everyone who wants to improve his/her English, learn about and become part of a different culture and want to meet new people and have a great time!

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