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High School in Kanada

Hello Mr. Bremer,
now I'm finally writing my E-mail.

When I arrived in September, I was really tired. We missed our flight from Toronto to Winnipeg, because the one from Frankfurt was 30 minutes late. The Air Canada staff was really nice and booked us two new flights from Toronto to Montréal and from there to Winnipeg. After we arrived we had to walk to the endless seeming hallway. At the end of the way Carolyn, Austin and Perry (her friend) waited for me. Carolyn huged me and asked if it's okay for me cause she heard that Germans don't like it. We picked my suitcase and drove home. We drove probably for one hour and talked all the time about soccer, hockey, Autobahnen, differences between Canada and Germany I saw on the first view. We arrived at their house and Carolyn gave me something to eat. I ate everything and she showed me the house. Then I gave them my presents, which they all liked. Carolyn had the heater for the pool the whole day on, so Austin and me jumped into it. It felt really good and I wasn't so tired anymore but it was around two in the morning, so I went to bed. On the next day we were out for a boat trip. In the evening a friend of Austin came over and we all played Xbox in the livingroom. On Tuesday we drove to Winnipeg cause Austin needed some stuff for school. Then we drove back, had lunch at MC Donald's and drove tho "The Comp" to get my timetable.

On the first school day, I met all the other Internationals in the Internationals Room. They're all nice and Denise, Wendy, Kelly are nice too. So they explained everything and showed us the school. Later we had to go into the Theater and introduce ourselfs to the Grade 10 students. At lunchtime, many students came to us and talked to us. They wanted to how we like Canada, where we're from and so on. The next day I had for the first time normal classes. I had Science, Math Pre- Cal, Phys- Ed, Geography and English as a Second Language. After a couple of days Wendy called me into the office and said that my Science teacher wants me to go into a Grade 11 class, because I was bored and he said that it's to easy for me. So I picked Grade 11 Chemistry, because I have at home in Grade 11 too. I also asked if I can go into a normal English class, because the English we did was much too easy, and they put me into Grade 11 Phys- Ed too. Now I have Grade 10 English, Geography, Math and Grade 11 Chemistry and Phys- Ed. The teachers are all very nice and not as strict as they're at home. They accept other opinions and explain everything very good so that everyone can understand it. Another difference is that the most teachers are very young. The school is very modern, they have a Baseball field, Track and Soccer, Pool, Indoor track and a Workoutroom. Every department has it's own Computer Lab, which you can even use at Lunchtime. At Lunchtime we often go from School to A&W or Tim Hortons (both very tasty). I tried out for the Varsity Basketball team but didn't make it, because I'm just staying for one semester. School here is much faster, they don't need so much time to finisch one unit then we need at home. We write more tests and have more homeworks.

Three weeks Carolyn drove with me to Winnipeg, to buy a Winter jacket. She wanted to drive on the weekend but they expected a Snowstorm so we stayed at home, at the end of the weekend we had probably 30cm snow. So, we drove the weekend after the Snowstorm and bought me a jacket, 3 T-shirts and a new haircut. The jacket is very warm and sometimes when it's not cold enough I start sweatning in it. Two weeks ago we put all the Christmaslights for the livingroom up and the "Christmastree" which is not a real tree, it is made out of plastic, very new, very different. Last weekend we drove to Lou's house to watch the Grey Cup final there, it was Calgary vs. Toronto, but in Toronto, cause they say Calgary at Toronto, so Toronto is the last which first made no sense but now it's just logic to me. So this weekend Carolyn booked Bayern vs. Dortmund and we all watched it, and they said that it was a great game. First they were wondering why it's so quiet in the stadium cause I told them that there is always a great atmosphere and that it's very loud. I explained them the "12doppelpunkt12" campaign and the "Konzeptpapier Sicheres Stadionerlebnis" they were very impressed that the fans do such things and even more impressed after the started cheering. So today, the Dell technician came and fixed my laptop, he put a new, Hard Drive, Disk Drive, Fan, Motherboard in, he almost exchanged evrything except the Keyboard.

So, I really enjoy my stay in Canada, everyone is so nice, the Hockey is really good, the weather is pretty good (could be a bit colder, the snow is melting). I don't really wanna go back to Germany, I'd rather want my family to move to Canada.

Btw. Denisse wants me to speak in front of 350 students at the Junior High and explain them the program I think.

So thank you for making my stay in Canada possible for me, Moritz

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